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Around the Park— Frequently Asked Questions

BUS and TRAIN SERVICE: The ShuttleBus Tri-Town Service provides convenient and affordable bus service between the communities of Biddeford, Saco and Old Orchard Beach.

The Amtrak Downeaster service stops in Old Orchard Beach from April to October. For more information on "Downeaster" rail service to Old Orchard Beach or to purchase tickets contact Amtrak at: 1-800-USA-RAIL (800-872-7245) or visit them on the web at:

FAX and COPY SERVICE: Available at the Ocean Park Business Office. FAX number: (207) 934-2823. FAX: To send - $4 for the first page and $1 for each additional. To receive - $1 each page. Photocopies per page: B&W $0.15/ea. (10+ copies: $0.10/ea) Color: $0.30/ea. 10+ copies $0.25/ea. Computer Printouts per page: B&W $0.15/ea. (10+ copies: $0.10/ea) Color: $0.30/ea. 10+ copies $0.25/ea.

LIBRARY SERVICE: Memorial Library (seasonal June, July, August, September) located at Furber Park across from the Ocean Park Variety store and Soda Fountain. Current children's and adult books, as well as daily newspapers, are available. The library is open to the public Monday and Thursday, 10AM – 7PM; Tuesday and Friday, 10 am - 5 pm; and 9 am – 2 pm Saturday. Library rates for a family are: season, $15.00; month, $10.00; and week, $5.00. Library memberships for OPA members are free. Phone: 934-1853.

Edith Belle Libby Memorial Library (year-round) is located at 27 Staples Street in Old Orchard Beach. Tel: 207-934-4351.

MAIL: The Ocean Park Post Office at 15 Colby Avenue is operated by the Association for the convenience of residents and visitors. It can fulfill most of your postal needs. The Old Orchard Beach Post Office is located at 2 Cascade Road (Rte 98). It accepts credit cards and handles Express mail.

MUNICIPAL: Visit the official website for the Town of Old Orchard Beach at

ANIMALS ON BEACH: It is shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog or other animal other than a horse (which is regulated under chapter 42 of the Municipal Code) to permit such dog or other animal, during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day of each year, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., inclusive, to enter upon and remain within the public beach in the town, which public beach consists of all that land lying easterly of the line dividing the beach from the upland creating a public park along the beach from Goose Fare Brook northeasterly to the Scarborough Town line.

DOG PARK: The town has fenced off and set aside a portion of the public park known as Memorial Park for use as a "dog park," where dogs are allowed to run and play under the supervision of responsible adults. Dogs are allowed to be off-leash within the dog park and, provided all rules and regulations of this ordinance are complied with, shall not be considered "running at large" under the Old Orchard Beach Ordinance relating to dog control.

FIREWORKS: By town ordinance Sec. 38-292 of the Town charter: USE AND SALE OF CONSUMER FIREWORKS PROHIBITED. No person shall use, sell, or offer for sale consumer fireworks within the Town of Old Orchard Beach. Failure to comply is a civil violation punishable by a penalty of not less than$100.00 and not more than $2500 plus attorney's fees and costs. Additional public safety information can be found here.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Ocean Park neighbors looking out for each other. To report suspicious activities call 934-4911. To be placed on the alert list or to volunteer eMail:

PARKING, ETC: Where can I park my car when I come to events at Ocean Park? Parking is quite limited within Ocean Park, as the streets are very narrow and the Park was not designed for cars. Many streets are clearly posted for NO on-street parking for anyone, including homeowners or renters. However, there are limited on-street parking spots located throughout the Park. There are also some 30 minute spots to accommodate brief shopping trips and some 1 hour spots for short visits. Parking on W. Grand Avenue is restricted. Important parking information can be found here.

Be very careful to park 20 ft from stop signs; do not block pedestrian crossings, homeowner garages or driveways; and do not park on the sidewalks. Parking spots are scarce. Please use care to not take up more than one parking space. Be aware that many homeowners park their personal vehicles beside their cottages and these parking areas or driveways are not necessarily paved. Your vehicle will be towed if it blocks a driveway or parking area. Parking regulations ARE enforced to maintain access for residents and public safety vehicles at all times.

You will also want to take note of the speed limit of 25 MPH within Ocean Park, the local vehicular noise ordinance, and the cruising ordinance. OOB police enforce the speed limit diligently.

PUBLIC RESTROOMS: Seasonal restrooms (June, July, August, September) are made available by the Ocean Park Association in the Rec Hall at 22 Colby Avenue.

TRANSFER STATION: The Old Orchard Beach Transfer Station on dirigo Drive is open Wednesday and Saturday 8:00 am to noon (except holidays) for leaf and yard waste only.

TRASH PICKUP & RECYCLING: Trash pick-up – for information on what day your garbage will be picked up, you may call Blow Bros Inc. (BBI) at 934-3880. BBI also provides recycling pick-up. For more information regarding recycling pick-up, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 934-5714. OOB trash bags are available at the Ocean Park Business Office: $3.00 each

USE OF DUNE AREA: No traffic of any kind, vehicular or pedestrian, may enter or use any area of the beach where dune grass is growing.

WEATHER AND TIDE CHART: The average summer temperature is in the 70's and winter days on the coast average 32 degrees. Coastal Maine may experience a week or two of 90 degree plus temperatures during the summer. Cool ocean water in the summer results in frequent early morning fog, particularly when the there is a significant temperature difference between the cool water and the warm land. Today's weather, five day forecast, and tide chart.

WIRELESS INTERNET: Wireless Internet service is available during your stay in Ocean Park and may be purchased at the Ocean Park Association office during business hours: $5 a day (24 hrs), $15 a week (168 hrs), $25 a month (720 hrs). The wireless service is designed for use in and around Jakeman Hall only and may on;y be used on one device. Please call 934-9068 option 0 for more information.

2017 Summer Season