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Remembering Our Friends and Neighbors

Image: Double Rainbox over Beach at Ocean Park

The following are the names of Ocean Park members, friends and family, and neighbors whose passing has come to the attention of the Association since the February printing deadline of the 2016 booklet.

We mourn the passing of these friends, who either as summer residents or as visitors, have been identified with the interests of Ocean Park.

If you would like to share the name of a friend or loved one for whom Ocean Park was a special place or make a memorial donation, please contact the OPA office at (207) 934-9068 or by email at

Ocean Park is a non-profit organization and dependent on gifts to help secure this special place for future generations. Your donations are tax deductible to extent allowed by law.

Consider a gift to the Ocean Park Association as a tangible way to honor the memory of a loved one or friend.

These friends will be listed in the Program Booklet and Annual Meeting Booklet 2017.
They are entered here in the order we received the information.

Name Residence Date of Passing
Louis W. Twarog Lowell, MA and Ocean Park, ME March 5, 2017
Dr. Edwin A. Meserve Southborough, MA and Ocean Park, ME January 9, 2017
Richard Clayton Salem, NH December 24, 2016
Brian F. Olsen Ocean Park, ME December 23, 2016
Esther E. Allen Zephyrhills, FL December 13, 2016
Carol Smith Rockland, ME December 1, 2016
Rev. Donald P. Dickinson Windham, ME November 13, 2016
Rev. Richard Keach Cromwell, CT and Ocean Park, ME November 5, 2016
Milton Victor Saco, ME October 30, 2016
A. Ross Wilson, Jr. Goldsboro, NC October 22, 2016
Ruth E. Sullivan Ocean Park, ME October 19, 2016
Jean Leach Ocean Park, ME September 16, 2016
Francis G. Tate, Jr. Ocean Park, ME September 14, 2016
Bettie Sandquist Holden, MA August 26, 2016
Eric W. Tobey Ocean Park, ME August 2, 2016
Ellen R. Clark Ocean Park, ME June 24, 2016
Evelyn Cole Hudson, FL and Ocean Park, ME May 24, 2016
John R. Bird Ocean Park, ME May 23, 2016
Edwin A. Ericson Lynnfield, MA and Ocean Park, ME May 18, 2016
Nancy Jackman Ocean Park, ME June 29, 2015
Marion Schroeder Portsmouth, NH and Ocean Park, ME April 11, 2016
Charles Robinson Lutherville, MD and Ocean Park, ME April 8, 2016
Gardner H. Lord Wakefield, MA and Ocean Park, ME December 23, 2015
Douglas McGregor Hockessin, DE April 14, 2016
Melanie Fengler Scarborough, ME May 24, 2015
Raymond Biggar Saco, ME September 30, 2015
Fred Amling Potomac, MD and Ocean Park, ME February 21, 2016
Barbara Tobey Ocean Park, ME January 30, 2016


2017 Summer Season