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Your Membership Matters

Ocean Park is a special place, and we rely on the support, efforts, and ideas of our members to preserve this community. Members of the Association are individuals who have applied for and been accepted into membership by the Directors. You do not have to be an Ocean Park property owner to be a member; however, only dues-paying members who own property in Ocean Park are eligible to vote on the sale of property at the Annual Meeting. Member who have paid their dues for the previous year, are eligible to hold office, serve on committees and vote.

A young person under the age of 21 may become a youth member of the Association.

Membership dues are an important part of the Ocean Park Association's ability to meet its budgetary needs. In addition to providing general support for the mission, programs, and facilities of the Ocean Park Association, dues-paying members are eligible to:

• Vote at the Annual Meeting. (Only dues-paying members who own property in Ocean Park are eligible to vote on the sale of property at the Annual Meeting.)
• Hold office and serve on committees of the Board of Directors.

Dues-paying members receive several benefits, such as:

Online access to selected Sunday morning Temple sermons (contact OPA office for login and password);
• Substantial savings on rentals of Ocean Park facilities;
• Recognition in the Program Booklet as an Ocean Park Association Member;
• Receiving the Program Booklet ahead of its public release;
• Use of the Memorial Library for no additional fee.

Membership dues are partly tax-deductible, but the most rewarding member benefit is knowing that you've helped to ensure that Ocean Park remains more than just a day at the beach for generations to come. Please complete the membership application and send it to the Ocean Park Association office to begin your membership today!

There are many opportunities for a member to become an Ocean Park volunteer. Volunteers make the difference, and there are dozens of places where volunteer assistance is needed. For an hour or a day, for any length of time, you can work with old friends, make new friends, and be a part of the excitement of Ocean Park. Stop by the OPA office or Visitors' Center for more information or visit our Volunteer page.

Please print, fill out, and mail the Membership Application to the OPA office to apply for membership.

Other information that may be of interest.

Download Leadership PDF

Description of the Standing Committees

Past Presidents

The Ocean Park Association Mission

The purpose of the Ocean Park Association is to affirm the traditions and spiritual heritage of which we are heirs, through a summer assembly program where Christian worship, principles and ideals are at the focus; where diversity is celebrated and the dignity of all is embraced and respected; where the natural beauty of our seaside resort is conserved and enhanced; and where programs centered on religion, education, recreation and culture provide opportunities for individual growth and family enrichment.


2017 Summer Season