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Ocean Park Historical Series

Image: Ocean Park Garage

This summer the Ocean Park Historical Preservation Committee is presenting the following programs in Jordan Hall at 7:00 pm on Fridays. Cost: $5.00 suggested donation.

Be sure to visit the Ocean Park History Room in Porter Hall which is open after each Sunday Temple service for one hour.




July 22: Moving From MA to MS: Our Story. Brad & Amy Smith share their experiences moving from Mass. to Miss, reflecting on their life in the Deep South and living where “The Help” was set and filmed. Cost: $5.00.

August 19: International Arms Trade during the American Civil War, hosted by Roe Smith.
Military-sponsored mass production technologies came of age during the American Civil War. Thereafter, surplus firearms flooded global arms markets which fueled an escalating international arms race that played a significant role in paving the way to World War I. This talk will contextualize and deepen the “merchants of death” thesis that came into vogue after World War I. Presented by Merritt Roe Smith, Professor of the History of Technology at MIT and a summer Ocean Parker. Cost: $5.00.


Summer Season 2016