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Tuesdays in the Park

A variety of programs are presented Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in Jordan Hall. Cost: $5.00 suggested donation.

July 5: Writer and editor Allen Woods will read excerpts from The Sword and Scabbard: Thieves and Thugs and the Bloody Massacre in Boston. He will then lead a discussion on public perceptions of the Revolutionary period, including control of news published in local media and economic issues behind their actions. Cost: $5.00.

July 12: Emotional Freedom Technique: “Tapping”, Part 1, by Beth Koehler. Tapping is a tool for moving beyond mental blocks of physical pain, phobias and emotional trauma, anxiety, etc. Part 1. Learn the history, benefits, a basic tapping sequence and the script to say out loud when using the sequence. Tapping is effective only when negative emotion or a phobia has been triggered. Practicing 37 between classes will be your best learning tool. Presented by Beth Koehler, a Certified Life Coach and founder of the Saco Healing Arts Center. Cost: $5.00. Part 2 on 7/14.

July 14: Emotional Freedom Technique: “Tapping”, Part 2, by Beth Koehler

July 19: Using Art to Decorate Your Cottage or Home, presented by Mary Taggart. Gain an understanding about incorporating art into your home by looking at rules of hanging and displaying plus options for covering walls. Mary Taggart has worked in the field of décor and style for over 20 years and is currently the owner and editor-in-chief of Ottawa at Home magazine in Ottawa, Canada. Cost: $5.00.

July 26: The Liberal Arts as Preparation for Lives of Meaning, Joy & Purpose: 6:30-7:15 pm. A presentation by Clayton Spencer, President of Bates College in Lewiston. She also serves on the board of directors for the American Council on Education, the Institute for the International Education of Students, and the 2015 Aspen Institute Task Force on College Opportunity for High Achievers. Cost: $5.00.

August 2: Robert Frost and Ocean Park. Why was Robert Frost in Ocean Park? What did he and his family think about it? What was the impact on his life and poetry? What does it all mean for us as Ocean Parkers? Presented by David Jackson, a former college English professor and lifelong Ocean Parker. Cost: $5.00.

August 9: Jumpstart Your Journaling. Whether you want to begin keeping a journal or regain the enjoyment of writing for yourself, come and discuss, listen and share resources. An opportunity will be given to write a short piece on a suggested subject. Presented by Sapphire Stretton, co-author/editor of Keep Simple Ceremonies, a book celebrating stages in a woman's life. Cost: $5.00.

August 16: Invasive Plants in Southern Coastal Maine, hosted by US Park Ranger David Tibbetts from the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. Invasive plants are not just a nuisance for all, but represent serious economic losses for farmers, loss of wildlife habitat, & safety issues along our roadways. Learn about these plants, how to identify them, & how to control/prevent their spread. Learn too what the future may hold for these, & other plants. Cost: $5.00.

August 23: Montreal Black Market Baby Ring of the 40s and 50s. Harold Rosenberg, born in 1949, thought he was the only son of Joseph & Gittel Rosenberg. He joined the Montreal Police Dept. in 1976 as a crime scene photographer. In 1984 he accidentally found out he was adopted, and it was his connections with the MPD that led him to discover tonight’s topic. Cost: $5.00.

August 30: Cultivate Curiosity…Make Time to Wonder. Presented by Talya Edlund, 2016 Maine Teacher of the Year and a third grade teacher in Cape Elizabeth. Talya will discuss the importance of fostering a life filled with questions and opportunities to make new discoveries. This talk will include stories of kids and schools taking risks, taking leaps in their learning and, as a result, landing in places they did not expect to fall. She will highlight the positive impact of maintaining a spirit of wonder in our adult lives. Sponsored by the William C. & Elsie Burns Hurter Educational Fund. Free: there is no cost for this program..

2017 Summer Season